This lady offers an accent reduction service to sound more ‘professional’, check out how the hilarity that goes down when Tyrone gives her a call. Send out the new FREE prank of the week in my app now –

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9 Responses to “Black Guy Calls Accent Removal Service to Sound White”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Whatup notification squad, welcome back! 🙂 I had fun working on this concept, mainly bc of how f’ing ridiculous it is. Want to hear me call another place like this as Buk?! Help get the video to 25k Likes and I’ll make it happen!!! Send out the new FREE prank of the week here:

    • Savage Redhood019 dude I have to agree with you. he really should do that. but at the same time, it may cause some controversy which is why I think ownage is ignoring the request. sometimes, when your really credible, you tend to not do certain things as it could end a career. I wouldn’t want ownage to be part of some political agenda im race.. but, I would still want a prank call to the KKK as Tyrone….. I’m just playing both sides as to why ownage may not do it….. idk….

    • The 33D Invader says:

      is this video demonitize yet?

    • Ownage Pranks BUK PLEASE!

    • Buk LuLu let’s go!!! 😂 Buk’s voice pranks are my favorite ones to send through the app since they work 100% each time !!

  2. Nitin Thayi says:

    Awesome!!! Vintage Ownage.

  3. Shelly Alexy says:

    Her voice sounds like selena gomez

  4. Michael Deriss says:

    Call as a German and nag the mailman

  5. Alexander Flores says:

    Tugging a little harder might have made Buk Lau come out 😂😂

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