I called this guy over the course of several weeks to make a confession and see if we could become friends, his reactions are AMAZING lol.
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A viewer sent in a request to prank this crazy guy who has been in jail multiple times, I called him up as Tyrone to have a heart to heart talk, ex-con to ex-con.

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9 Responses to “Calling an Ex-Con to Become Friends (crazy)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Welcome back notification squad 😀 I loved the way this video came together and a ton of work went into it, but it’s alreadyyyy demonetized unfortunately, so if you dig the video plz help get it out there at least by sharing it with your homies. You can send out the new FREE prank of the week right now –

    • Chazong Yang says:

      Ownage Pranks got in trubble by ur app ..

    • Call the KKK using your tyrone voice lol

    • dat nigga goku says:

      Hey Russel im you’re number 6 and a half fan I buy you’re shirts can you call a feminist group and be super sexist I sincerely believe they will give the best reaction a feminist is the easiest person to piss off…you know just typical stay in kitchen jokes and you belong at the hospital pushing out babies me and my friend prank called a feminist group a long time ago it was so easy to mess with them I think calling back as different characters would be the best…also of course let them know its a joke so no one takes it personal or thinks your a sexist I think this will be youre best reaction yet

    • Nick Dill says:

      Ownage Pranks can you please call my dick head of a landlord? I was working for him fixing up one of his houses in order to pay off rent. After i got my leg split open he didnt want me working for him anymore. Hes a dickhead with a short temper.
      Pm me if youre interested in fucking with him. Itll be a good one….

  2. itsLean ★ says:

    Pulling my dick out since 1992 looolll

  3. Is he from Chicago 🤔

  4. PandaLoverMikey says:

    Hell yeah I want some doughnuts

  5. Smart African says:


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