This guy rips into Buk and Rakesh when he suspects some type of scam is going on. The way he reacts is hilarious. Send out the ‘You hit my car’ prank and over 80 others right now! – New FREE prank is live too 😀
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12 Responses to “Crazy Guy Flips out on Terrible Asian Scammer”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    I didn’t forget about you #OPCREW! Despite censoring.. this is still demonetized, tried sorting it out earlier but failed. If you dig the video and my persistence, drop a Like on it! Send some automatic prank calls right now! (new FREE prank of the week is live!)

  2. SgtCage1971 says:

    Why don’t you ever call as Tyrone on shit like this? Tyrone Tyrone Tyrone more Tyrone.

  3. Saint Diego says:

    Why do you bleep out the cuss words meow

    • Jaynamations says:

      Saint Diego YouTube has been taking away ads which causes people to lose money. This happens on uncensored and “nonadvertiser friendly videos.”

  4. DailyDoseOfCancer says:

    Man, I remember making my first “Yo Mama” joke in 1993… ahhh, good times…

  5. thatcarguy says:

    Bruh why u censoring curse words all of a sudden

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