This girl is generally super flirty and has a close Indian friend in college, check out what happens when I make her boyfriend think she wasn’t being completely faithful..
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10 Responses to “Creepy Indian vs. Jealous Boyfriend”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Welcome back #OPCREW! The way this prank goes down is amazing, talk about rubbing salt on the wound lol. I’ll be replying to all channel members who comment on the video! You can join here 😀

  2. Daniel Parra says:

    I can guarantee that this girl is already cheating on him.

  3. YourRealDaddy100 says:

    Damn i wish he would of used tyrone.

  4. What a whore. This prank is actually really cruel.

  5. What kind of cuck dates a whore like this? How pathetic. Lol!

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