This homophobic hardware store owner has a sign in his store that says “No Gays Allowed” I decided to give him a call and see just quite how strict his policy is. Send out some AUTOMATIC PRANK CALLS NOW – FREE DOWNLOAD –

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5 Responses to “Gay Guy vs. Extreme Homophobe”

  1. Thank You says:

    Hahaha, fucking gays are annoying though

  2. Robin Stevens says:

    The store owner sounds like he is totally into taking it in the cake.

  3. Pppttttt….NICE!

  4. moviegirl says:

    What happened to his Russian accent he gave up on that? Why does it sound like Russell’s getting bored?

  5. Squeek Tate says:

    I need this rainbow to be gay as fuuuck. 😂😂😂

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