This Arab guy is super overprotective over his wife and LOSES IT on Abdo. Send out the new FREE prank of the week right now! (over 80 different countries supported!)

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I called up this Arab guy who runs a driving school and told him his wife was acting inappropriately during a lesson. He absolutely loses his mind.

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5 Responses to “Jealous Arab Husband Loses his Mind (freaks out)”

  1. Big Timer says:

    lol so jokesss omg make more of these with indian to

  2. Ryan 9aleh says:

    روح كس امك لا منيك😂😂😂💔

  3. Lost soul says:

    You should have done this with Tyrone

  4. Philbert McPhilbs says:

    Who is that at 3:17?

  5. U need to animate this

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