Man, people get freaked out easily these days. LOL!! And all you have to do is talk about them, ask them for large amounts of money, or fart on them 🙂 That guy AT THE END THO! lol
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9 Responses to “PARANOIA PRANK – Freaking People Out!!! – Farting in Public”

  1. Jack Vale Films says:

    Tell me when a “One Wipe Charlie” would have come in handy for you! LOL!!

    • White Smith says:

      They help wipe the sweat off of my head when I’m going through the hassle of getting shaving products. Getting shaving products is extremely difficult for me due to the fact that I’m a complete retard .

      Loved the video though!

    • I don’t thing I would would ever find a ‘One Wipe Charlie’ useful…wait…omg. I think I need two…I sharted.

    • My Comment says:

      Classic Jack

    • Stevin Habba says:

      Jack Vale Films been subscribed to you for the longest time, love your videos brother keep it up 🙂 I just finished writing, producing and editing a video for a new original song I made called “Let Go”, it’s about letting go of the past or of anything that’s holding you back and just moving forward, being hopeful and strong in the face of a past that sometimes holds us back when we choose to hold onto it. I hope you’ll take the time to check out the new video and show your love and support, I spent weeks and hours and hours on it, but you’ll only spend 3 minutes to hopefully enjoy it <3 Search "Stevin Habba Let Go" on YouTube or click my profile 🙂

  2. phil Good says:

    man is was piss lol

  3. puglivesmatter987 rules says:

    The Rodriguez twins love you

  4. Kyle Bölükbasi says:

    Therodrigotwins love you!

  5. PandaSisterGaming25 PandaSquad says:

    I’m on your ! 😃

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