I pretended to talk on the phone about people while standing right by them. I described what they were wearing and what they were doing! LOL…. I got this one guy in the red jacket really freaking out lol

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5 Responses to “PARANOID PEOPLE OF WALMART! – New Funny Prank Video”

  1. hashem says:

    Do something new these department store videos getting old it’s same shit over and over again get out your comfort zone do somthing in the hood or some shit

  2. Mark Malen says:

    The fart videos are better, stick with that.

  3. PjSparkle18 says:

    imma start callin bananas, plantations lol

  4. JustinBieber says:

    The reveals are always so dumb

  5. Bubba Sizemore says:

    Love the sound effects.

    More fart pranks, please.

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