The way this guys screams and curses on the phone kills me, can’t his customers hear him?!!
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I called up an Indian restaurant whose owner frequently yells at customers. Many have also complained about the filthiness of the restaurant and about getting sick from the food.

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10 Responses to “Rude Indian Restaurant Owner Loses His Temper (soo mad)”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    Welcome back #OPCREW! Y’all have been asking for another restaurant prank, so I called up this crazy Indian restaurant owner lol, beeeeeeeeeeenchooooooooT! Remember to send out the FREE PRANK OF THE WEEK in my app right now – The call process has become even QUICKER and more realistic, can you notice the difference? 🙂 Now supporting over 75 different countries!

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    • Tucker Jenkins says:

      what is ball curry and schoopa pussi?

    • digiPlant AB Bokning says:

      Create a new character………Fritz from Germany………..

    • wingo _304 says:

      Ownage Pranks shout me out plze

    • Call him back as Russel with the recording of him swearing at him. That would be an awesome part 2 and maybe even get Tyrone in there as the Supervisor from the Health department.

    • DerpityDerpDerp says:

      Can you call a movie theater as Rakesh and ask them to book you a private screening and all your call center friends for “IT” but make it so you think IT is information technology not the actual IT

  2. Patio San says:

    Please call more angry indian uncles theyre the funniest and do more rakesh

  3. Merwyn Tuscano says:

    The reason he has that elevated bhenchod because he has the punjabi accent… typically north indian…

  4. Merwyn Tuscano says:

    The hindi subtitles sure look like google translate….😝😝😝

  5. olivercromwell serra says:

    Where is your new introduction? Like a short funny clip from the call and then cut! Then ownage time!

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