This Saudi guy got robbed at gunpoint when trying to buy an iPhone 7 for just $225, you won’t believe how he reacts when he thinks the robber CALLS HIM BACK. Request your own prank here:

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Buk Lau:

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10 Responses to “Saudi Guy Robbed with FAKE GUN Then Mugged by Scammer”

  1. Ownage Pranks says:

    I loved the way this prank went down, his whisper/rage is HILARIOUS. He was 100% turtling that whole time. If you wanna see one of YOUR friends/family get pranked, submit your request here:

  2. Sad that we are all numbers. Wish I could burn my SS card but the system has us….unless I want to become a mountain man

  3. Daniel Dope says:

    Did he say โ€œif need money go to churchโ€
    My ears must be deceiving me WTF

  4. Mark Santiago says:

    Bring back juanito

  5. DOBBA PHOENIX says:

    I tried smashing the like button with a hammer, but now I need a new screen :'(

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